Support Local and Review a Restaurant Every Day

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July 2, 2020

In an effort to support local during the coronavirus pandemic, we propose writing a review for a different Peekskill restaurant once a day.

In our continued effort to encourage the support of local businesses in Peekskill during the coronavirus pandemic, we're trying to jump start a new initiative: Review-A-Restaurant Once-A-Day!

The idea is simple.

In addition to continuing to support our local restaurants by ordering take-out, donating to their GoFundMe campaigns, and making purchases from their online stores -- writing a positive review on a restaurant review platform can be an invaluable contribution.

And, right now for... reasons... some of us have more free time on our hands and are looking for stuff to do, so why not get our inner food-journalist on and write a killer review for some of our favorite local spots?

Our recommendations for review platforms are:

Post a review to your preferred platform, or better yet, copy/paste it to all the platforms. A good review can ensure that when these restaurants come back online, and tourists return to the Hudson Valley, our beloved Peekskill restaurants can attract that oh-so-needed business.

A few things:

  • If you don't like a restaurant, just don't write a review. There's no reason to be writing negative reviews at a time like this.
  • If you do like a restaurant, go ahead and give it a 5-star review! These businesses are the heart of our community and economy, and they're really giving it their all now. Show them you care.
  • Add pictures to your reviews if you can. If you're one of those annoying people (like us) who photographs your plate if it happens to be impressive, go ahead and share that photo with your review.
  • Spread the word and encourage your friends to write reviews.

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Support Local and Review a Restaurant Every Day

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