Restaurant Review: Kathleen's Tea Room

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July 2, 2020

Kathleen's Tea Room offers the best lunch in Peekskill with a touch of whimsy.

Simply put, Kathleen's Tea Room is our favorite lunch spot in Peekskill. It consistently delivers fantastic food with a touch of whimsy.

That whimsy is evident from the first moment you approach the ivy adorned storefront on Main Street. When you walk through the door it's like you've stepped into an antique shop curated by Alice in Wonderland herself.

The Exurbanists went to Kathleen's before their courtroom wedding in Peekskill.

Myriad tea kettles and other tchotchkes fill the room. Each table is topped with fresh flowers. Your eyes are drawn upwards to the late 19th century tin ceiling.

If you're lucky enough to nab one of the elevated windows seats -- and you'll need to be lucky, reservations are highly recommended for this busy restaurant -- you'll really feel like you're dining in a storybook.

Kathleen's is more than just atmosphere though. It just so happens to serve up some of the most delicious food in town.

Ingredients are fresh, portions are generous, and each bite is filled with flavor.

The menu consists largely of sandwiches, salads, soups, and quiche, along with some heartier entrees. Our go-to is one of the combos where you can get soup, salad (with killer caper berries) and either a half-sandwich or a quiche. To be honest, we wish their was a "super combo" where you didn't have to choose between the sandwich and the quiche because they're both so freaking good.

We have hacked our own "super combo" and ordered a sandwich and quiche just to have them both. Ignore our waistlines please.

For dessert, you just can't go wrong with Effie's Banana Pudding.

And of course, there's the tea. We're not huge tea connoisseurs, but what we've had is great. They even offer a full afternoon tea, complete with a tower of mini-sandwiches, scones, and sweat treats along with pot of hot tea.

We told you it was whimsical!

Our only problem with Kathleen's? We wish it was open more.

It's really a lunch place, closing at 5pm most days and closed altogether on Sundays -- exactly when we'd be craving a Kathleen's brunch.

On the flip side -- and we found out about this later than we would have wished -- they do offer delivery. So that's a nice way to add some class to your desk during the work week.

Kathleen's is one of Peekskill's best, and definitely our number one spot in Peekskill for lunch with a heaping side of whimsy.

Kathleen's Tea Room
979 Main St
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 734-2520

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Restaurant Review: Kathleen's Tea Room

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