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January 14, 2022

Iron Vine offers up city caliber tapas, cocktails, and ambiance in Peekskill.

Iron Vine is Peekskill's most Brooklyn-esque restaurant in that it's got an immaculately designed slightly cramped space that serves up glorious craft cocktails and deliciously creative dishes from an excellent staff of hip young folk.

Like so many Peekskill establishments, Iron Vine is located in a historic building --in this case a former 19th century butchers shop located in the heart of downtown. The building has been restored to perfection and the interior space has the best interior design in Peekskill by our measure. Dark, moody, and sexy. It makes Peekskill feel as cool as we know it is.

Interior aside, let's talk about the bar. This is a booze forward establishment, and a place we often stop in just to grab a few great drinks. Justin, the general manager and mixologist has a wildly creative drinks menu where the cocktails actually live up to their creative ambition.

The IV Old Fashioned is our top choice. Poured straight from the barrel it's been marinating in and slowly infused with citrus by the embossed orange juice ice cube, it's one of our favorite Old Fashioned drinks of all time.

The IV Old Fashioned is our favorite cocktail on the menu.

The El Diablo is another favorite -- habenero infused tequila, citrus, and a sangria float garnished with a dehydrated lime. It's a drink that tastes as good as it looks.

The food side of the menu matches the cocktails in both creativity and execution.

At its heart, Iron Vine is a tapas restaurant, and their shared plates are an excellent way to tackle a night out with friends. We're partial to the Patatas Bravas, served perfectly crisped and alongside  a wonderful homemade date ketchup. For a real treat, savor the Pulpo a la Parilla, grilled octopus infused with smoked bacon and dressed in perfectly cooked vinegary beans. Do not miss the Cambas al Ajillo --shrimp in a garlicky wine sauce and a flaky, warm baguette for soaking it all up.

The Pulpo a la Parilla is a fantastically flavorful tapas dish.

If you're not in the mood for tapas, there's also sandwiches and larger entrees. We love the Carnitas Po' Boy and the Chorizo con Camarones.

Another way Iron Vine would fit in just fine in New York City: it features Peekskill's only (as far as we know) bottomless mimosa brunch. The brunch features Spanish inspired breakfast items and the lunch friendly sandwiches from the normal menu.

Iron Vine is Peekskill's most Brooklyn-y restaurant, and we mean that in the best way. It's cool, but not pretentious, and delivers on the promise that its sexy interior implies. It's a great night out (or Sunday day drink) in Peekskill.

Iron Vine
992 Main St
Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 930-8506

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Restaurant Review: Iron Vine

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