Handcrafted bagels pop up in Peekskill

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July 3, 2020

Blīthe Bagels is bringing handcrafted low-calorie bagels to the Peekskill area.

Tina Selsky and her husband Matthew had been toying with the idea of starting a bagel bakery in their home since they moved to Peekskill from NYC last year. When the COVID-19 crisis cancelled their commutes and they found themselves working from home, the extra hours in the day gave them the perfect opportunity to starting rolling out their big bagel plan.

Blīthe Bagels was born.

Tina Selsky, the branchild behind Blīthe Bagels, works the dough in her Peekskill kitchen. Photo by Nik Bucci.

While their plans for starting a bagel bakery may have been big, the bagels themselves are a bit more slight.

In contrast to the hefty, carby, high calorie New York Style bagel, Blīthe's "Peekskill Style" bagels (our category, not theirs) are more svelte, and made with healthier ingredients that clocks them in at just 180 calories.

A month after perfecting their process in their test kitchen and dropping off samples around town, Blīthe Bagels will officially launch on Thursday, April 16th. Customers can visit blithebagels.com and place orders for front porch pickup on April 18th.

Bagels will be sold "flash sale" style, meaning once they're sold out, customers will have to wait until sales open again the next week to place their orders.

The bagels will be sold in 3-packs ($5.50) and 6-packs ($10). Options include a plain pack, a salty variety pack (sesame, everything, and sea salt with cracked pepper), and a sweet variety pack (coconut vanilla, orange blossom honey, and cinnamon sugar). Gluten free and vegan options are in the works, as well as other breads, muffins and baked goods.

The "Salt-y Bae" pack includes sea salt and cracked pepper, sesame, and everything bagels.

We were lucky enough to sample some Blīthe Bagels and we have to say, they taste delicious and we really appreciate that they're lighter fare than your average bagel. Our favorite? It's a toss up between the cinnamon sugar and the everything bagels. What can we say, we love salty and sweet.

It's always exciting to see a new business come to town, especially one from fellow exurbanists, and even more so one that has been forged in such trying times. It's proof of the ingenuity and creative spirit that lies within our community.

That spirit continues to manifest itself in surprising, delightful, and in this case, delicious ways.

Blīthe Bagels
219 Pine Street
Peekskill, NY 10566

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Handcrafted bagels pop up in Peekskill

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