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July 2, 2020

Local Peekskill businesses have turned to crowdfunding to bridge the gap during the coronavirus lockdown.

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates, more and more local businesses are turning to crowdfunding for financial support. Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe allow individuals and small businesses to set up online campaigns soliciting small donations from large groups of people to help them reach their financial goals in tough times.

The nice thing about crowdfunding is that one individual doesn't have to donate a large amount to make a difference. So give what you can, you can think of it as tipping if that helps, and then spread the word.

Sharing, in this case, is most certainly caring.

So far we know of a few local GoFundMe campaigns and we're sure more will come online as the crisis continues. We'll update this list accordingly, so check back often.

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Go Fund Peekskill!

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